5 Skin Myths

There are many misconceptions and dos and don'ts when it comes to proper skin care. With so much information available to us, it can be difficult to tell fallacy from truth, so we're here to set the record straight on some common skin care myths. 

Winter is Here! 8 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Happy

It's official, winter is in full swing! Adjusting your skin care routine for the season is just as important as adjusting your wardrobe. The cold, windy, and dry air works against our efforts for glowy, healthy skin. Is your skin care regimen in check?

Skin Care Resolutions for 2017 #SkinGoals

It's the time of year that we all reflect and resolve to better ourselves for the year to come. Start 2017 off right with these tips to achieve #skingoals this year.

Traveling for the Holidays? Read This First!

It's no secret that travel can wreak havoc on your skin. If you're one of the millions planning a trip over the holidays, here are some tips to keep your skin healthy, blemish-free, and radiant throughout your travels.

The Art of Layering Your Skin Care Products

With the abundance of skin care products out there, figuring out the order to apply each may seem like an overwhelming task, but we promise it's worth it. Thoughtfully considering the order in which you apply your skin care products will ensure your routine is as effective as possible.

Think Botox is Just for Wrinkles? Think Again!

Wrinkles? Excessive sweating? Chronic headaches? Overactive bladder? There are many, and maybe unexpected, uses for neuromodulators.

How to Transition Your Skin Care Routine for Fall

A change in seasons means it's time to transform your skin care routine! With fall officially here and even colder months ahead, you need to prep your skin to adjust to the weather. Here are some tips on how to get your skin fall ready - we're focusing on repairing summer damage, increasing hydration, and maintaining a healthy complexion.

Breaking out!? We’re here to help!

Struggling with acne? You’re not alone, trust us! Whether you’re a teen dealing with acne for the first time or faced with acne as a twenty- or thirty-something, it’s equally as frustrating. Luckily, we have some Dr. Obagi-approved tips to help you get through.

Prepping for a Dermatologist Appointment

For first-timers, a visit to a dermatologist can be a bit overwhelming. Not quite sure how to prepare for your appointment? No worries, we’re breaking it down for you in five easy steps.

Exfoliation 101: Everything You Should Know

At the end of a long day, caked-on sweat, pollution, and makeup from 7:00 am can leave your skin looking (and feeling) dull and tired. A skin care routine that incorporates exfoliation is essential to shedding dead skin cells and maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion.


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